Ok im new to the site and i just got a guitar about 8 days ago and i know some riffs from:
paint it black
raining blood (part after long notes)
Soothsayer by Buckethead (intro)
Metal Heavy Lady
Beast And the harlot (intro)
Down with the sickness (intro)
Crazy Train (lol intro)
Smoke on the water
Enter Sandman
(a couple others i cannot think of...)

So what are some good riffs for beginners I can check out besides these?
try some beatles.
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Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man

that used to be my "rocking out" song.
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no. not bad at all

last resort-papa roach(has a cool riff in it, sounds hard but its not)
dumpweed-blink 182(intro is cool, solo thing is easy as sounds cool)
fade to black-mettalica(cool intro,easy)
scartissue-red hot chili peppers(easy cool sounding intro)
iron man-black sabbeth(easy, and easily recognisable)

alot of punk songs have cool intros and easy rest of the song normally to.
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

great song, really easy
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Pantera - Walk
Accept - Balls to the Wall
Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction
Metallica - One (Intro)

Those are the first riffs i've learned
UNholy Confessions
The rhythm part to Last Resort
Mortal Kombat theme
Halloween theme
Beat it
Sweet Dreams
Thunder Kiss '65

Some cool, easy riffage there.
Blink 182- All the small things
Green day- boulevard of broken dreams
Nirvana- smells like teen spirt
Weezer-buddy holly
These are the songs i first learned
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