I can't find a hard case for it. I bought a big baby taylor a few weeks ago, and absolutely love it, but due to its odd size (Guitar Center lists it as other, Taylor lists it as a "15/16 size dreadnought" and doesn't make a hard shell for it) i can't find one any where. So short of dragging my guitar the store and trying to fit into the 14 or so mismatched case, my only option is custom, but I'm guess thats outta my price range.

Any Ideas?
Buy a regular case and get some clean cloths/tshirts/towels and surround the hardcase with it.
A regular dread case should fit, it may have about 3/16" or less spare room around the edge but shouldnt shake around much. I have a concert cutaway in a full dread case and it works very well. Just buy a hard dread case locally and if it dont fit exchange it untill it does fit, and the shop may have the same guitar as you to try out in the store with the case.