I was just wondering, if i were to attenuate a 15w valve amp (say for example down to loud tv/bedroom volumes), would there be any difference in sound between using a weber mass lite 150 compared to a 50? If i were to attenuate the 15w amp to bedroom volumes with the 150, would it sound any different that attenuating it to the same volume level with a 50? the reason I ask is that it would be good to have a higher rated attenuator incase i were to get a bigger amp in the future, but i would not want that at the cost of tone now...
you're attenuating the sound...its going to sound different in any case (quieter )

people hear differences in everything so I wouldn't be confident enough to say no...but I wouldn't be too scared of there being a huge difference
well i realise that both will sound different that the amp unattenuated, just curious as to whether you can use a mass lite 150 to attenuate a 15w valve amp?
doesn't weber make an attenuator specifically for small amps?

Its called the minimass or something like that.
i know, but like i said it would be good to get a higher rated attenuator incase i ever get a bigger amp. dont want to have to buy an attenuator every time i get a different sized amp when i could get one to do it all