So, within a budget of around, say £20, what is a good present for a guitarist?

Bearing in mind that if it's a DVD (instructional, not live), he's quite a big rock/metal/shred fan.

Thanks in advance, I'm just totally stumped for ideas...
Funny words.
A massive amount of picks (damn pick gnomes) and some strings would be what I would want. And a capo.
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Definitely picks, or maybe a guitar care/polish kit if he doesn't have one already.

OR... (this is a sure-fire like)


Even though I don't know where to get those...
I like the polish kit idea.
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well i faced a similar problem just a while ago, a friend of mine just started to play classic guitar, and i wanted to get her a present, so i went to place where they sell some nice selection of woods. got some mahogony cubes, and made almost 6 pure wood picks, and wrote some nice on each one
i guess it was the best gift i have ever gave
New pickguard
That's really just something I want, I don't know about other people.
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