Well i was looking in forums, n you have a best guitar for 300$, but think thats only £150 of my English money.

So was wondering what guitar to get ive played around on a few acoustics before and dont want anything with a super big body, because i dont have a big body and my arm digs into the side on a big one/ cant reach strings, im not tiny , but fall size things just seem to hurt me when playing, unless there meant to?

But yer i wonder what to get for a first acoustic guitar, but i want something decent from start off with, rather than having to upgrade,

say £200-£500, very much max at 500 though.

thanks if i get any help, would be very appreciated.
I'm not really sure how much guitars cost over seas. You could look through the $300 thread anyway and see how much some of those guitars would cost in England.
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US prices will be different in England as they are here in Australia. It's not a straight conversion cost wise. It all depends on import duty, GST and other taxes.

A US $300 guitar might cost US $500 here or in England, or US$600 in New Zealand.
They get their guitars cheap in the USA. Martin, Gibson and Taylors ext. cost about double here than they do in the US.