Hey everyone, im in a metalcore band,and our drummer is getting a new kit, his dad is a big southern country rock fan (you'll know why i introduced that aspect of him later) and he said he'll get our drummer a 1000$ vintage pearl kit off Ebay, he said the ones made back in the 60's and 70's were better quality , which i dont doubt him on, but we are 2 totally different styles of music, would a vintage pearl kit ( with a double bass pedal) be good for metalcore, or would that type of kit be more for Southern or classic rock, or, will it make no difference?

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it's all about the way he tunes it. He'll sound fine with a vintage kit.
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Get a drum machine. You only have to punch in the rhythm once that way.

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seriously, it should be fine if he gets the right heads, maybe
its about the way you tune it. not the when it was made. it'll be fine.
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I'm not sure. It could be fine but the only way to know is to try it out which isn't possible...
If you put some decent (Remo) heads on the toms/bass and get a few good sounding cymbals any kit will sound good if you know what you are doing.

If you want a newer kit though, I'd say try get hold of a decent priced Tama or Mapex kit. You can buy great cheap double bass pedals for about £100/$200.

Good luck though, the old kit will probably be fine if the drummer knows how to tune some toms.

Edit: Thinking through that actually...this is a metalcore band. Not a jazz band. If you are a serious band and plan on gigging a lot then you will need something sturdy like the newer kits I suggested.


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60 and 70's kits are terrible compared to the quality of today drum kits. unfortuntly, things have moved on.

an old pearl kit shouldnt be £500 anyway unless it was imaculate and original.

The hardware on them just isnt built for the road.

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