I'm looking into getting either a Valve Junior or a Blackheart Little Giant stack. I play mostly blues and classic rock. I also want to get an OD pedal so I won't have to crank it all the time, so what would be a good match for these?
my neighbour has a blackheart and i love it, 5w/3w switch lets you crank it at lower volumes and it has a 3 band eq, whereas the valve junior has none of them (although im sure there are mods for it)

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pedals and such in profile
Excellent tone at higher volumes.
It's no tweed, but it's clean is really glossy and crystalline.
I think you'd dig it.
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Valve Jr and MXR EQ. be closer in $$ value with a much better EQ.

edit missed the part about OD. try a few.
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I'd go for the Blackheart. For OD, try a tubescreamer.
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i don't think you can go wrong either way. i have a modded vj and love it to death. give both of them a listen and see what ya like. either way you go i would suggest a good reverb pedal. here is one of the sites where i've got part's to mod my vj. i did the bitmo spanky and jj tubes.
and i also put in a heyboer transformer from allen amps. heyboer claims a gain to 8 to 10 watts
anyway hope it helps and good luck on your choice! a tubescreamer or bad monkey both work well.
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