Hey, I'm stuck between these two amps. The main use of the amp is going to be with my Fender Rhodes MK1 because I'm getting a top hat supreme 16 to go with my guitars. I want to know what you guys think the pros and cons are to each amp and which one you guys would go with in my situation. Thanks.
The Vox just has such a unique sound.
Both amps are aces with me.
Good luck choosing.
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surface level observation: I know both amps put out a fair bit of beautiful cleans, (granted they are very different sounding) but won't the fender have a lot more clean headroom? Isn't that what you should go for if you're putting it with a Rhodes--clean headroom at any volume?
The AC30 behaves a lot like a Class A amp, so if you crank it, before long your rhodes will start breaking up. Now, that actually sounds good if you do it right, and only in certain applications, but if you want a super clean rhodes sound, go for the Twin Reverb or maybe even a Visual Sound Pony.
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Yeah, I'm borrowing an AC30 right now and I really like how I have it set. It's just on the brink of breaking up. I think the twin reverb is too many watts personally. I was using a fender hot rod with the Rhodes but it was just too muddy. Plus, I'm a real big fan of the linkable inputs for top boost and normal mode. Besides, I guess everyone needs an AC30. Thanks for the suggestions guys.