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ok so me and my sister have the place to ourselves until tomorrow afternoon. But I don't know anyone here because I'm visiting my dad who lives in a different city, so a party is out of the question. My sister lives here so she might want to have one.

But in my possesion I have
-hydrcodone pills
-tramadol pills
- a few beers
- pack of camel lights

And I'm also about a 5 minute walk from the beach.

I'm 17 and my sis is 14 btw

So pit, give me the best possible situation I could put myself in.

And before anyone says it, I will not rape my sister
the worst situation is that you get drunk and get your sister pregnant

so think of something better than that
inb4 incest
EDIT: damn
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Have consensual sex with your sister.
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I believe the word 'rape' shall be widely used on this thread

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Rape her

/stereotypical pit post

Get pissed?

There you go. You could also rape her friends.
Play guitar

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Stay out of trouble.


What's with everybody's need to act like complete idiots when their parents leave?
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Its lame.
god what happened to responsibility?
but if you must do it, be safe, dont mix pills.

EDIT: go to the beach and do whatever, thats always good, have a bonfire.
If age isn't an issue, tell your sister to have a party will all her (girl) friends.

It'll be dyno-mite!
Incest is best or more appropriatly KEEP IT IN THE FAMILYYYYY tramadols are fun

It aint rape if shes asleep or was i lied to hmm???
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find a girl, seduce her with your guitar, and make passionate love in the moonlight on top of your hippie van.
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Have fun OD'ing on Tramadol. That stuff is strong.

haha its actually one of the weakest opiates out there.
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haha its actually one of the weakest opiates out there.

Depends on how many you take!
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Depends on how many you take!

lmao my dad has them prescribed cus hes fair off his tits, obv i take advantage of this i have had a lot im pretty sure i havent OD'd yet but if you take them a lot and then stop u go a bit ill.....

But anyway BEACH PARTY **** **** ****!
No one here, gets out alive
Opiates + beach would be my course of action.
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Everybody must get stoned! (If they are me.)
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Depends on how many you take!

well anything can be dangerous if you take enough.

And by guitar is at my moms house
Get lit and start walking. See where the night takes you.

I've done this many times with weed and either friends, my sister, or my brother.

Usually turns out awesome.
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Read a book.

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But you never did.

Well, I'm alone there now.
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If it wasn't for the sister you were almost in strutting around naked and taking dumps with the door open territory.

You still could, but it'd be weird.
Snuggle up with your sis and spend some family time watching porn.
If you really wanna have some fun, go and rent R rated movies and video games. You can stay up 'til midnight drinking as much pop and eating as much candy as you want. It's awesome because nobody can stop you! You'll get so sick!
I wasnt gonna mix the pills with alcohol. I was just letting you guys know what I had in my possesion.
Go out to a party, pick up a girl, and take her home.

A friend of mine did that when his parents left town for a few days. Only she wasn't gone when they got back
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