Hey UG, I just got a new guitar a few months ago. an ESP KH-202 with double EMG's (I'm a huge metallica fan) but the thing is everytime i take it out of the case to play the tuning seems to be off and have to fine tune it EVERYTIME before i play which is kinda annoying when u just suddenly feel a wave of guitar munchies and just wanna grab it and play. its not off by much but doesnt sound right if i dont tune it obviously. the guitar's got a floyd-rose licensed bridge and locking nuts. I dont even use the whammy bar that often. can anyone shed some light on y this might be happening? arent the locking nuts supposed to prevent this?
Try and tighten it up a bit, it might prevent slippage.
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You mean the locking nuts? they're already pretty tight... thanks though. i'll try tightening them a bit more. any other suggestions would be much appreciated as well.
Could it possibly be the strings?

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