Hey guys, I just wanted to see what you all thought of this song I recently recorded. I recorded everything, bass included, on my custom strat through a GNX 3000 workstation. The drums are a preset in my workstation. This is an instrumental but soon enough there will be vocals added to it(hip-hop vocals, I'm in a two man group with my doing the music and someone else rapping), even though it might do to leave without vocals. Anyways, tell me what you think, C4C!

http://tse.dmusic.com/ song: Native Son
hi everybody

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- Zach Galifinakis
I like the groove bro! Keep it up
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Thanks for the crit, dude.

Yeah, I did the groove. The solo is really quiet, though. I could definitely chill to this. Nice control of the wah. That middle section doesn't quite gel as well as the rest of it. The progression just doesn't feel right to me for some reason.

I would love to hear it with the rap over the top.
^ lol, yeah thats what most of my family said when i showed it to them, I think it's the muted strings+ wah track on the verse that does it.
hi everybody

Hookers do not like to snuggle
- Zach Galifinakis