I believe my other thread was deleted because it linked to an outside source, my bad, I'm sorry.
Anyway, I need cash For a need Amp and maybe a guitar not sure but yeah mines pretty old and not all that nice, Im sure ready for an upgrade ^_^ So cash or trade of guitar or Amp or yeah we can talk about that I want to sell for 2000 and wont go lower then 1000 the price isn't set though
Alienware laptop about half a year ago it was bought for 2,800 this is a gaming laptop 17'' wide screen High resolution, it has 2 7900 GTs in SLI it can game very nicely 300GB hard Drive so there is plenty of space for music or what ever you like. It will come with a brand new install of winXP

Mine is silver, I will have Pics up very soon, I'm only selling this because I no longer play games so i do not need this much power and have more then enough other computers in my room where i don't need this one, I am going to buy a cheaper laptop to replace as I only surf the web.

As anything you want about it Thanks for looking