Im looking to start an online band to play thrash and death metal.

Lead Guitar-mattsalvittisir(i kno him in real life)
Rhythm Guitar-Pingis_Or_Death

Looking for intermediate-advanced players.

Alright since i dont feel like looking at the thread that much leave me comments on my page, give me bands your interested in playing, and what instrument youll be playing for us. Also add me.

Also- all this can change if things dont work out so comment me anyway just incase.
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Lead/Rhythm Guitar Player Here, But how do you plan to make this work?
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Wut are bands you'd be doing im might be able to do rhythm guitar
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I'm in for rhythm guitar, you can check out samples of my playing on my profile. Check out unfinished thrash song for instance. PM me if I get chosen, I'm not on UG that much any more so I might forget about this thread.
so how would that work, i mean, everyone record their part or what? i think that i could qualify for position of rhythm guitar, too bad that i'm busy this entire month, else i would participate
if it ever got bad enough, you could always get a software drum machine, and program it? I mean, it is an online band so, electronic could be good.

anyways, if you need some harsh vocals or backup, hit me up.

ps. for examples of my vocals, check out my page