Ok so im new here and im not sure if im posting this in the right place so please dont flame me if its not, sorry. My problem is on some tabs its says like /12 (or 12/), now i know this is a slide but my question is, slide to what fret? usually tabs have 12/9 etc and i know this means start at the 12th fret and slide to the 9th. This is giving me problems so any help will be appreciated, thanks.
its not to wich fret... that slide means you just slide up or down like to the end of you neck, its not a slide where you go to a certain fret to keep playing. thats just a sound effect you play thill the 12 fret then you do a down slide or up slide

i think im not wrong x)
normally if it says that, it means like you said (12/9), to slide up 3 frets below it.

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Okay, thanks for your help and the song by the way is Nirvana's about a girl (the solo part) and ive watched the unplugged video and i dont see Kurt slide at all :S thanks anyways guys. Also what does thrill mean as in what DeathEagle said, thrill the 12th fret?