i just found out these guys were amazing, although id heard of them a long time ago. a lot of the no wave bands in general that ive been trying to look into seem really good too, ill probly try to find no new york soon, but i want to get an album of the contortions too. anyone know this band? suggestions on their albums?
I just read a book about post punk, and it had a section about them. I am probably going to get no new york as well.
I made a thread of them a while back. From what I have, Buy is a great album. Get that. You'll love it. There was also recently a book put out about No Wave; I saw it in Barnes and Noble if you wanna go look.
is that book the one thurston moore (from sonic youth) wrote, or helped write or whatever? cause that sounds familiar. i may check that out if i find it.
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Yeah I think his name may have been on it. I don't really remember much except I didn't have enough money to buy it.
I liked his interview in that movie Punk: Attitude where he said when the crowd wasn't feeling the band he would go amongst the people and start hitting them. Never heard much musically that tickled my fancy, however.
tried my local music store today. they didnt have it and it was on backorder so it might be a while till they can get it for me. anyone know anywhere where i might be able to get their music? i probly will try to get Buy if i can.