i'm in highschool, going to be taking tech and electronic classes the next 2 years
and want to get an amp built before school starts. anybody have any schematics?
i've already found one for the epiphone valve jr.
i was wondering about some schematics for other small tube amp heads tho,
such as:
blackheart little giant
krank rev jr.
orange tiny terror
fender blues jr

and please stick to the purpose of the post, don't tell me not to do it because i have
no expirience i have fabricating, soldering, small electronics, woodworking, and designing expirience, and im not working on this alone, my uncles going to be helping
me with this, seeing as he's a certified electrician, and has access to the chasis, and
all the parts i'll need.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
If you want schematics (Probably not many of those current production commercial amps though)

Here's a couple places

And don't be so sure that your uncle has immediate access to everything you need because being an electrician doesn't mean that he's got a large stock of single ended AF output transformers that will work in your case. If you don't even know what you are going to build yet you had better start cruising on the design process and ordering the necessary parts.

I would suggest checking out the amp designs and kits at
That would be a good starting place if you are short on time, and need to build a low wattage single ended amp. They have decent documentation for the beginner tube amp builder, a forum that will help you out if you have questions or hit a snag, and designs like their P1 variant are fairly upgradeable.

Just don't rush through the building/testing process, seeing as there are plenty of dangerous mistakes that can be made. Stepping up to high voltage tube amps from small battery powered electronics is a big leap so listen to this guy