hey guys
for the last two years ive revolved around metal rhythm disregarding solos.
now i think i need to take some steps and learn at least a few solos to round my playing.
two solos ive been suggested and started learning are
queen- i want it all (first solo)
dethklok- ducan hills coffee jingle

are these good starting points ?
thanks for any help/suggestions
Theres no such thing as rhythm or lead if you think about it. Labeling yourself as one of the other kinda makes you lazy. Most rhythm players say they can handle rhythm, but in all reality they just suck (I'm not bashing here, i was "Rhythm" for 4 years.) Cause when you throw at them rhythm that takes... Rhythm. They usually struggle pretty hard. but then again. Most "Leads" can do flashy solos and scales. But they have no originality. And they constantly wander off tempo. So dont aim to become either one of them. Just aim to become a Guitar player. I've been playing in power trio's for so long that I usually try to do both. throw in a fast riff after some chord progression or something ya know?

But if ya want an easy solo. Try some nu-metal stuff. Or Green Day.