If i bought something such as an EQ or anything that goes on a rack, what is a rack, where can i get one, do i need a rack to use a rack mounted EQ, and how much are they?

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A rack is a case, or fixture, where amps and other effects can be mounted by thier faceplates (notice the four holes in the corners of the compressor). So you could have several amplifiers, tuners etc. in one conveniently sized (or not so) crate. You can use rack mounted effects without a rack, just set them on something flat that won't vibrate the thing off onto the floor. However, I would suggest getting a pedal (cheaper) especially for just home/small gig use.
There's no need to get something like that unless your doing high-end recording or playing large shows where you're dealing with such massive volume levels that you need incredibly precise control over the sound.

Your everyday gigging guitarist is fine with a 6 or 10 band EQ stomp box.
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