Lately i've not been happy with my picking. I've been playing for a year and a little over 7 months now and originally it was my fretting hand that was slow... Now that has progressed but my picking isn't up to par... Looking through the forums i saw that almost everyone says anchoring is bad, and i realized when i play solos and faster stuff i tend to rest my palm on the bridge for support... Some examples r the fast lick at the end of the Back in Black solo, the fast descending part in the second solo of 2 Minutes to Midnight, and the fast lick at the end of the Photograph (Def Leppard) solo... Anyway, today i tried playing it without resting my palm and i had more trouble controlling the pick... Is it really supposed to be easier to pick fast when not resting your palm on the bridge?

Also, my tremolo picking isn't that good or fluent... Some days i can do it fairly well while other days it sounds like crap... When i tremolo pick i have to rest my palm on the bridge or i can't really do it... Is it ok to anchor just during tremolo picking?

I also have trouble doing fast palm-muting rhythms like Metallica stuff and fast triplets like Iron Maiden stuff... I feel like the pick is hitting more resistance than it should, especially on the low E string... What can i do to improve this?
i went through the same thing. you just need to pratice with your picking hand more. it only took me a couple months, and now i pick faster than i can frett the notes!!! but i'm working on it. when you try doing fast tripolet stuff try holding your pick at an angle. it helped me.
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We're TWINS! I'm exactly the same and I'm getting so annoyed with it! I've been playing for two years. Umm it's only bad to rest your wrist on the bridge and it's restricting your picking movements, but I'm now retraining myself to not rest my hand on the bridge because it's important to exercise your wrist when playing so yeah and if it's a floating bridge then you shouldn't rest your hand on it. But I still can't tremolo pick without resting it so I need help with that too. plus I'm also trying to learn alt picking so for this things a really big challenge!

Practice makes perfect though! (Y) :-) \m/