Alright, so I want to see if I got this right. Let's say we had the time signature 7/8. Now if I were writing out the music and wanted to define a certain way to group each note, I would use additive meters, correct?

(Note: All mentioning of notes from here-in assumes they're 8th notes, meaning they get a single count each)

If I'm correct, let's say there are 3 groups in one measure of 7/8, 1 grouping of 2 notes, 1 grouping of 3 notes, and another grouping of two notes, in that order. So if I have those groupings, and I want to notate that, could I write the signature as 2+3+2/8?
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use power tabs, i learned all my theory from that and it made me 99x better than before

Yeah, that's not going to help in this situation. Power Tabs can't display additive meters.
You most certainly could. I actually prefer to notate my music this way because it is far more effective at expressing complex or uncommon beat patterns. Additive meters would actually be more common that conventional indicators of meter in genres that utilize extremely complex note groupings (I'll use Bulgarian music as an example because I've been listening to Vai lately)
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