hey guys, im building a fuzz pedal, its my first build so i dont know to much about this stuff yet, anyways i need a 500k log pot, and i cant find one anywhere around my house, so my question is, can i put a linear pot in the pedal, and whats the difference between linear and log, or maybe i can put a pot of a different value... any help would be great, thanks guys!

You could use a linear pot, but the adjustments might not be as smooth depending on what it is intended for. You could just go ahead and build it with a 500k linear for now and replace it later. If its say something like your typical volume control you could even use a 500k resistor in parallel with your signal path to ground and it would be like it was always on full.

Linear and logarithmic pots just have a different resistance taper. As you turn a linear pot up, the resistance increases at a steady, linear rate. In a logarithmic pot, the resistance increases on a logarithmic curve. Log pots are used for volume controls most commonly because sound intensity is registered on a logarithmic scale and a log pot will have the smoothest control over the perceived loudness of a device.