What is the best guitar in a $400-$600 range? Current gear: Fender Starcaster and I'm getting a Roland Cube 30 or 60. I like to play rock, like Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, RHCP. That kind of stuff. I like fenders and there sound the best, but I also like Les Pauls. What is the best guitar I can get in this range? Thanks
A fender probably, I would go for a tube amp though first. Go to your music store and try some stuff out!
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Well since you want basically the same kind of guitar I think this would be the next step for a strat (I personally think you should stick with strats):


However I agree that rather then looking towards a new guitar it should be an amp (preferably tube) because with the budget your setting yourself with you're not going to get THAT much better of a guitar.

Try possibly a Blues junior and save up for some possible pedals or a Multi-effect.

Hot-rodded version of Blue Junior

Good Luck
Are you willing to go used?

You could get a strat type guitar *and* an LP type guitar for that much money and have them both be good players if you go used.

I'd probably spend more of your budget on the amp, however.

I don't really think the Cube 60 produces very gig-worthy tone.
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Either the Lonestar or Roadhouse strats would be great choices.
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get a better amp
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I just bought 1 of these.


Coil tappable humbuckers so you can still get a single coil tone. Since you already have a strat. This should compliment it pretty well.
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