Sup dudes and dudettes,

I'm looking for a hardshell case for my Ibanez Artwood but I can't seem to find a model specific case. Would it fit in a different model Ibanez acoustic case? Anybody out there have an Artwood? What case do you use?

I would just go to a local music store but their selection is rather pathetic. Any ideas?

These are some of the Ibanez cases I've been looking at


Grateful for any help! : )
Do you know what body shape it is? Like Dreadnought or Jumbo, etc.?

Because it should fit any case as long as the case is the right shape/size, Ibanez or not.
yep, it's a dreadnought. I just talked to somebody at a local music store and he confirmed what you said. Duh

Thanks for the reply.