Hiya all.

Well, I decided to start learning guitar, and besides minor bleeding from my pinky and horrible soreness, I'm making pretty decent progress.

My problem is, I'm mostly a metal/hard rock kinda guy, so the guitar I currently have isn't cutting it.
I'm using an Arie Diamond Hollow Body, which doesn't make for very good metal. I have a decent amp and all that good stuff.

So, I need a new guitar, preferably on the cheap. I can get up to about $200 right now for a new one, or would you suggest I wait to get a better quality?

I'm currently looking at this guitar, Squier Bullet as its pretty cheap, and would allow me to either mod it out, or save up for a better amp...?

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The Squire wont do it for metal. Try looking at inbanez's
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I think that the Squier Bullet is a good choice. A better choice would be an SG G-400. On the link below is a great SG G-400 guitar for sale (it's not mine, but I bought one from ebay just like this one) It is an awesome guitar with awesome sound and I love it.


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what guitar and amp do you have now?
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Right now I'm using an Arie Diamon Hollow Body, if that means anything to ya.

My amp is ancient, but it can crank it out, and plus, its F'ing loud.