ok so my band has the Mackie 1202-VLZ3 Premium 12-Channel Compact Mixer, heres a link http://www.guitarcenter.com/Mackie-1202-VLZ3-Premium-12-Channel-Compact-Mixer-104203823-i1172627.gc

we have no idea how to use it, we know it doesnt work with the speakers we have, we know we need power speakers and we know it runs on phantom power. my question is what are power speakers? and what is phantom power? i wiki'd phantom power and i still dont really understand it. could someone just give me a quick explanation on the distinction between power and passive speakers and what ghost power is? and if i have this mixer and power speakers, would i be good to go or would i need a power amp?

im kinda new to this whole PA thing.
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Phantom power, in a nutshell, is used to power condensor microphones. It has nothing at all to do with driving speakers.

Yes, to use that mixer as part of a PA, you need a power amp to drive the speakers.

Now you can buy powered speakers, which would allow you to not buy a separate power amp, because the power amp is built right into the speaker enclosure.

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When using phantom power, it's important to consecrate the ground properly under the table that the mixing desk is going on, otherwise it won't work properly.

I actualy know a music shop owner who said that to a guy who he had just sold a PA to, the guy just said 'Oh, right, OK then.' and left.
A week later, his band mate came into the shop and told him that his mate had asked him what consecrate meant, he thought it was something to do with earthing the PA system.