I realize in asking for the pit's wisdom I'm just beating a dead hooker here but i need some help.

What takes away migraines fast?
cuz i could use some of it right about now.
i got one about 20 minutes ago I'd say and its got me holding my head in pain, this is seriously worse than getting sledge hammered in the balls.
I feel so pissed off from all the pain its causing, im punching my walls, hitting other ****. I even almost kicked my amp earlier.
so pit I ask for your help in this matter.

I'm a smartass. Sorry. I really don't know how to help.
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proooooobably not advil or any other painkiller.

if that doesnt work try listening to someone play drums real loud.
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go in a VERY dark room, lay on your bed or a couch, something comfortable, and close your eyes. no noises. no distractions. no UG.
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The only thing that helps me with migraines like that is water and sleep

I usually suffer from migraines if I consistently don't get enough sleep over a period of time.
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Advil + Coke (The soda)

it should work

that, or sledgehammer your balls
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dude, sleeeeeeeeep! I used to get them all the time, and sleep was the best/only thing. Plus a little Ibuprofen couldn't hurt.


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Advil + Coke (The soda)

it should work

that, or sledgehammer your balls

well the sledgehammer would distract me from the pain in my head thats for damn sure

thanks for the advice guys im gonna go try laying down in the darkest place i can find, maybe the basement would work