Hi Ug.

I like candyrat a lot, and Im super into Antoine Dufour And Pino Forastiere. So After listening to Pino's "Fase 1", I decided to write this here tune.

Its my first forary into solo acoustic stuff...I am by no means a solo player, having focused mainly on electric guitar work since I started 3 years ago, I have not studied classical guitar or anything. Just trying to work stuff out.

Its pretty rough, but I would welcome any criticism! Thanks.

P.S There are other videos on my account. Ignore serenity in wonderland. I hate that song.
Sorry about the static and stuff

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Great job, man. The harmonic chords + neck bends were really cool. I'm afraid to bend the neck myself =/. lol. I didn't really like the scratchy riff after that, but that's just my personal opinion that it's a technique I don't like with acoustic. Everything past there was really impressive. The picking at the bridge is cool, too. I've experimented with this myself, but never in combination of trying to play melodies over chords. Something I'll have to play with now. Keep up the good work.