hey what should i get. a vox ad50vt or a mixer a power amp and some speaker and a boss me50. i thnik the mixer setup iill end up buying it in the end but i dont know if it will be as good for the gutiar as a guitar amp would be? i have a squire strat i play all kinds of rock. and a good mixer setup not more than 5 channels it ahs to have a mic in

You could get a much better amp for the 400 your spending on either of those things. Get a

Any of these would be better
Used Peavey Classic 30
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Crate V-series
yeah but i live in argentina its hard to get something like that here. so i thought of that. since im gonnna end up buying a mixer really anyway i just wanted to know if it would rreally work. if u want please check here what i can get: its ebay from argentina http://listado.mercadolibre.com.ar/amplificadores-guitarra/ its in spanish but you can atleast read the models name