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7 5%
126 85%
13 9%
0 0%
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2 1%
Voters: 148.
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Title says it all, what age did you start playin guitar

i started at 10 and im 13 now

All good got the poll

and why'd ya revive the thread lol?
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i started once when i was 16 i quit once also at 19 and started again at 25 with no plan of relapse
Started bass two years... so... 14, I guess.
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I started on April 16th, 2007 when I was 14. I've only been playing a year now and I'm 15.
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about a month before my 16th birthday.
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Ummmm, I think i was 11 or 12
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like 13 or 14...i just recently became an alright player though. almost 16.
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9 for me. But I started pretty close to my 10th b-day so I say 9 1/2.
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About a month after my fourteenth birthday. It's a month after my seventeenth birthday now, so that's about 3 years now.
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16?..... but ive been doin other random **** (clarinet, sax, piano, vocals) since i was like..... um..... 9 or 10?

i really wish i put more time into piano, vocals, and the guitar..... that woulda made more sense, damnit
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12th birthday, three and a half years ago
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i was 13 or 14, i'm 16 now
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15, exactly. I got a strat on my 15th birthday.

That was a year ago, I'm only 16 now.
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I started when I was thirteen in a half and I'm 15. i've since last year i've been playing all day (almost) everyday
i got my first lesson when i was 8. I have been playing 6-12 hours a day since i was 12, i am 14 now.
12 years old and im 14 years old now. Didnt tak it seriously until 13 though. now i love it.
11. I wish someone had shoved a guitar in my hands when I was like 4 or 5 though. I'd be so awesome, even compared to how awesome I am already

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14, now im 17
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