I play a **** load of styles, I'm looking for an amp that can be flexible as well.

Something with a different sound then the standard marshall stack(so obvously i am not looking for that) but can still give a decent rock/metal sound as well as being able to play Jazz, Country, Blues, Funk etc

I've got a Standard Strat right now nothing fancy

Its alot i am asking for from an amp but any idea's? I've been told Line 6's are versatile

valveking man thats the way to go.
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don't get a line 6.. they sound horrible.. i had one for a month and returned it.. they can play a lot of different styles but at the cost of the quality.. they just sound very electronic and stuff.. it's horrible..

get an amp that sounds good on clean and then buy pedals to alter that sound... that's my suggestion
Quote by IrishmanGuitar
don't get a line 6.. they sound horrible..

get off the band wagon, or at least refer to what line 6 product
I'm not THAT worried about budget, And i'm trying to avoid too many pedals
I've heard some top quality Line 6 amps that sound awesome, the cheaper ones are useless though(from what i heard) i just never got the chance to right down the model

I gig a bit mostly smaller places, and i'm good with used gear, 1500 is the max)give or take), and its in canada
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I'd rather not have to spend that much money, but anywhere from 500-1500 is what i am looking for
well see...that is the problem.

the 500 options are much different then the $1500 amps.

Do you have any shops you can go to and try some stuff out. With your range of music and range of budget we would be throwing darts.

Laney is a good choice because they are made in Canada and are easier to find up there. There are some Laney experts on here so just be patient and start searching on the Search Bar for stuff and find the Ultimate Laney thread or whatever it is called.
A mesa lonestar is probably what you'd want. Voiced very differently from Marshalls, less honk, more growl. Also doesn't need to be cranked to sound good as most of the gain comes from the preamp if you're into that type of sound. Might be out of your budget though.
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