Im in need of a new guitar. Right now i'm using an ESP F-100FM, good guitar for the price, but it has no whammy bar, and not as much crunch as i would like.

I was thinking about getting a Dean Dime USA Razorback V (w/dimebucker). I couldn't find out much about the guitar, reviewers contradict each other, and it's just a little iffy to me.

Can anyone suggest, and possible review (specifics: Neck width, frets, pickups, inlays) a guitar that is seen as good for deep, heavy metal. (Soilwork, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom) Stuff like that. I'm looking for a fast neck (thin as possible, like the Ibanez Prestige neck, or the Rusty Cooley 7-string by Dean), heavy, thick pickups, and a whammy bar (necessary).

Im not looking to spend over 800 bucks really, but anything in that range (maybe a little over it) would be good.
I have an esp f-100 ive customized it out the ass replaced all the original parts with high quality parts
and got the 2007 model so its made of Agathis not basswood so the it gets great low high and mid
not to mention the pickups your using are the problem with the sound the esp 150s suck so i put emg's into it

but if you want an uber metal guitar with a whammy bar
dean would be good or bc rich
or a higher end esp
Ghold, thats actually the first guitar i thought about buying before the Razorback. How thin is the neck?
o...you want thin...well the schecter is kinda a semi-thick neck. It's not les paul thick, but it's not ibanez thin
Yeah, i like the ibanez thin necks, but my friend got a nice prestige and it's a lot harder (still doable but not as well) to do pinch harmonics. I can do them on any fret on any string on my ESP, but like i said i need a different guitar.
I don't think there is a such thing as guitar for metal.

Metal players use superstrat style guitars, les pauls, strats, and a wide assortment of oddly shaped guitars. In the end, certain aspects of every guitar's tonal character is lost when you start playing with a lot of gain.

I'd just go with the guitar that plays best for you. Go to a store and try many out, there is no better way to finding the right guitar. Things like the output and voicing have mostly to do with the pickups, if you're cranking the gain and bass, the guitar itself doesn't play a huge role in the sound.
look at this thing:

Number of Frets: 24
Fret Size: Jumbo
Bridge Pickup: EMG 81
Neck Pickup: EMG 85
Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone
Bridge: Jackson Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo
Pickup Switching: 3-Position Toggle:
Bridge Pickup
Bridge and Neck Pickup
Neck Pickup
Hardware: Black
Strings: NPS
Gauges: .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042
Scale Length: 25.5 inches
Width at Nut: 1-11/16 inch
Introduced: January, 2006
Unique Features: Rosewood fingerboard with acrylic pearl piranha inlays, Ivoroid binding on Neck and Headstock, 14 - 16-inch Compound Radius fingerboard, EMG pickups

Although, i did hear bad stuff about the Licensed Floyd, and good stuff about the Original Floyd Trem. What's the difference?
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Although, i did hear bad stuff about the Licensed Floyd, and good stuff about the Original Floyd Trem. What's the difference?

build quality, i still think the schecter would be better, but it's up to you.
I do like the shecter but reviews of this say that the neck is real fast and slim.

I like the fact that this has 81's and 85's in it, and i do like the inlays and body a little better.

Also it's about $150 less so that's another plus.
If you're going to be downtuning, stay the hell away from Floyd Rose's.
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If you're going to be downtuning, stay the hell away from Floyd Rose's.

wtf lol

there are a million metal bands who play in as low as drop a and use floyd roses.
Licenced Floyds arent exactly worlds best trems. Jackson happens to have licenced floyds that are RELATIVELY good. I mean, the other licenced floyds of other brands are mostly worse. The Jackson floyds work fine, as they're new. But after a couple of years usage and torture, they become crap. So, what you gotta do is buy the Jackson, play it, and when the floyd gets in the way, replace it with an OFR (+- 200$).
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^Jackson low profile JT580 floating trem
he would then have to get a Floyd Rose Pro, which runs about $230
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I agree... schecters quality and overall sound on their guitars are amazing. The dimebucker just sucks. I mean some people like it but its one of those things you got to really like that kinda tone to like it. If you tune down it sounds like crap. The dimebucker has almost no mids. If you are in standard or drop d it sounds pretty good. But when you tune to drop c or lower it just sounds weak.
get an ibanez prestige. they are the ****ing bomb and exactly what you want with the thin necks and all.
I don't really know alot about different guitars, as the only guitars I have owned would be a strat copy, a cheap Ibanez, two Epiphone specials and now a Fernandes.

The Fernandes, for me anyways, seems to be my fav so far in terms of tone for metal, it seems to be very thick sounding to my ears, so I can imagine that a higher end one would be probably even better.

Other than that I am starting to love the Jackson guitars that I have tried out here and there throughout the last few months. My next purchase if it was a guitar would def be a Jackson flying V.
the only thing i didn't like was that it was hard to reach the higher frets on the rr3
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the only thing i didn't like was that it was hard to reach the higher frets on the rr3

I didn't really have a problem, but I am used to playing Gibson style guitars.

The RR3 is made in Japan, so you should have really good build quality. IMO, Japan is second only to the USA in quality.

I really like the RR3. I almost got one instead of my Explorer. I would've saved a ton of money too.

I say go to GC and try 'em out.
my friend got a prestige but the bridge makes it harder to do pinches for me, on my guitars now i can do them anywhere on any string on the prestige i couldn't do nearly as many or nearly as well