So I was playing Rock Band with my older brother, James, who has little musical experience and doesn't play an instrument besides a plastic guitar , the following conversation ensued.

<James>So I think I've figured out how a band can be described.
<James>Ok, well there's a car driving down the road, and that's the band as a whole, the drummer is the engine, he keeps the band rolling and moving along. The guitarist is the steering system, he keeps the band going a certain way in the musical piece. The bassist is like the wheels, keeping the car driving, making sure it can drive and stay on the road. And the vocalist is the guy making sure the car is working properly.

I disagreed about the vocalist part saying that the vocalist is more for "being the cars paint job, being a flashy showman", but that was just my opinion, so lets hear what The Pit thinks.
Cute analogy
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That sucks, the car has no brakes, they're all going to crash and die.

Well think about it this way, Band stops=drummer stops=engine stops/slows down/powers down=no more more moving=car stopped
where the hells the transmission rhthym guitarist?and the saxophonist, as the saxophonist in the back seat?
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be the music, not the scene
The breaks are the manager?

And you are an idiot, the vocalist is just as important in any band as anyone else. Yeah music wasn't intended for vocals, but if you thought about it where would the chili peppers or any other solo artists be today? Retard.
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I think that's bull because the kind of rock band you're talking about doesn't improvise anything but solo's (maybe) so the car is on cruise control and everyone's chillin.
Well, for a start, the drummer should be the wheels because without the wheels you wouldn't move. The bassist should be the engine because it generates the power behind the music. The guitars would be the steering wheel and the vocals would be the horn I guess
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That sucks, the car has no brakes, they're all going to crash and die.

haha.... well.... at least slipknot wont die.....
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