why is there so much spam for that 123 site thing, the were like 5 posts about it in 5 minutes, its the same thing over and over to.
hahahah i dunno, but i joined there forum, well apperntly someone knew i was coming, so i was permabanned as soon as i activated my account, maybe it was becuase my username was STOP_TROLLING_UG_FAGS

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I *would* suggest raiding his site, but damn I don't want to suggest something like that.

UG Mods might get mad.
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So your solution is to make a spam thread on a spam thread...
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making spam about spam doesnt make the situation better


Seriously, you're perpetuating it, shut the hell up already!

The guy's been banned, his threads will be history pretty soon if you'll quit making more threads about them.
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Yeah, there's like 20 threads about this other site, but there's like 7 about the spam...