I've been researching about this particular guitar that was passed down to me recently, and in hopes of upgrading soon, I want to try and find a trade value on the pick-ups or the guitar as a whole.

From what I've come up with, the pick-ups alone are worth the price of the guitar, but I still can't put a name to them.

If interested, let me know. Or if you have any information on the sell value, that would also be helpful.

the best way to check out what kind of pickups they are is to take them out and check for markings on the back. If they are unmarked, you are out of luck. Depending on the year that guitar was made, it could be MIJ or MIK, MIJ would make it worth $300+.
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Thanks for the info man. Only thing I fear is taking it apart and being disappointed. Especially If I end up somehow destroying the guitar since it's got some major years on it.

But if it's the only way to tell, then I'll have to take the chance. Perhaps a music shop can figure it out for me?