Okay, I know much UG people care about problems, except their own, but I just need a little help.
Yes, I used the searchbar, okay.
I just got a Dunlop Original Cry Baby Wah Pedal, and it seems too hard to turn it off and on.
Any suggestions?
You mean hard to stomp it to turn it on, or is it not responding?
Stomp, hard. My first crybaby, I would literally have to kick it shut with my heel.

All crybaby's have this problem, good thing is that they are practically indestructible.
Okay, I'll try that. It feels weird to stomp 70 bucks, though. Well, $103 after an adapter and strings.
dont crybabies have adjustable switch heights (i havent checked those personally)? for my wah i just adjusted the nut/bolt holding the switch to give it a few millimeters of space
TS, what's with the sarcasm? Doesn't seem like a great way to ask for help. Anyway,

Quote by corbn89
open it up and adjust switch height

This is what you want to do. Open it, unscrew the switch from the outside, play with the position of the nut on the inside so the switch stick out more and you're all good.

You can also cut off the rubber stoppers in front, but it makes it super easy to turn off when you don't mean to.
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Quote by GuitarFreak1387
yeah you just have to give that switch a bitch slap. work it a bit and it will wear in

ahahahaha, I wonder if this is your answer for everything

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Quote by rageandlove04
TS, what's with the sarcasm? Doesn't seem like a great way to ask for help. Anyway,

I apologize, but I have had another thread where it was only things like,
Use the searchbar (insert insult)
Google (insert insult)
No one cares (you get the point)

But really, I do apologize, it is nice to have help.