Usually my stuff is more complex and not so simplistic, but I wanted to see if I could write something in this kind of "narrative story telling" type way. Eh, I think I did all right. Hope you guys enjoy.

"Familiar Stranger"

Home from work, and I'm happy to be alive
Take off the black shirt, the shoes, and the tie
Hop in the shower, and get myself clean
And wait about an hour to meet with my queen
The kids are at Grandma's, candles on the shelves
First time in a long time, the house to ourselves

The night is still young, and I've got time to kill
I think I'll take a walk, with the cold wind still
The water on the ground still ripe from the rain
Why I adore my walks so, I can't explain
It's a time to think, a time I can call my own
A time I can appreciate being alone

Though I try to clear my head of questions
One thing jumps out and grabs my attention
How could I forget? And with so little time
I bought no gift yet, or her favorite wine
It's our anniversary today, I must think fast
I should head back to the jeweler that I passed

He was open, he knew just what I needed
I'm halfway through, I've almost succeeded
Though I had the necklace as I left the store
I need the wine I should have bought before
Time is running thin, I need to make haste
I'll take a few short cuts, no time to waste

I kept looking at my watch, every tick
Never knew until then that time moved so quick
But alas there was hope, not all was lost
I have to make it in time, at any cost
I cut through an alley, only black in sight
Almost fell, but I found my way out all right

Good thing I exercise, I ran quite a bit
But there I was, "Beer & Wine", in letters lit
I did it-- I have the necklace, wine, and time
And tonight, her heart, and together sublime
I will have to take the same short cuts back
Back through the dark alley, perfectly black

On the way back though, I heard feet shuffling
Many feet-- noises and scuffling
I idle for a moment, squinted to see
Helped none, I couldn't even see my feet
But no time to linger, I must head back
Though I admittedly feared being attacked

I was out, but I heard a muffled scream
And then the moon revealed just enough to see
Five men, a single girl, all on the ground
Two on top of her, the others held her down
She begged to scream but their hands would deny
Morbid view, I longed to cover my eyes

I stood there, I was frozen in disbelief
As the knives came down, ending her grief
I wanted to help, but I left my gun
Without my badge, they were five, I was one
They just kept hitting her over and again
When one man was done, another began

The men scattered after I'd broken my trance
I was too late to ask for another chance
She wasn't breathing, blood covered the ground
Her lungs rested silent, not a single sound
Next to her laid a bag, similar to mine
She also had journeyed for the taste of wine

I cried for help, as I brought her towards light
Words will never explain what I saw that night
The wine she bought, it was my favorite kind
But reality still hadn't crossed my mind
Her body was cut and bruised from the strife
Regret filled my throat as I stared at my wife

The ambulances came, and the police too
They took her away, all bloody and blue
I walked for hours that night, I'd try to pretend
But this was something even time could not mend
"Happy anniversary", before the night is done
It would be our first, and our very last one
This choice is passion, this path is tension.
wow, started off as such a happy sounding story. i think maybe you could lose one of the stanzas in there when hes on his way to the shops, coz reading i started to drift off a little until he began to head back through the dark alley it got interesting again. perhaps the part where it explains his joy for a walk and time alone. was a good read tho, although morbid haha i thought i was finally gonna read my first love poem on here. hope this didn't happen to you by the way. shame too, the bloke didn't need to waste the money on the jewelery in the end hey but i guess the wine would have come in handy tho.
No no, it didn't happen to me(thank god) haha. I'll definitely take that under consideration. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it =]
This choice is passion, this path is tension.