I was bored. so i just wrote this, never stopped it just was a flowing thing that i wrote, its not a song it is a poem just to let you know, its kinda random but yeh.

comments please.

day in, day out.
your angry, she's happy.
you're angrier, she cries.
cries for help.
nothing is there for her.
she tries and tries,
but still, nothing,
just nothing.
Bad days,
intoxicated decisions and,
and fears drench the carpet,
broken skin, bruised bones.
Is it ever enough?
Finally, fired from work!
drunk, pissed and stupid.
bottle of jacks,
but it just doesn't do it.
with fists clenched
teeth grinding.
It begins,
but as the hate begins,
silence occurs too soon...
she's not in bed yet,
I don't know what's wrong.
the cries have stopped,
I see flashing lights,
sounds like sirens too.
what happend?
why isn't she here yet,
I miss her,
hurry up and come home.
I hear voices,
not like hers,
what happened?
where is she?
bits of conversation,
float in through the door,
I think I'll be able to piece it together,
As fast as it started
something ended,
someone dies.
someone special,
someones daughter,
granddaughter, student, friend
someones world has ended.
a life precious,
just taken away,
just like that.
There's nothing I could do,
I can't talk,
I can only listen,
listen to it everynight,
while tears drench my face
and my body is gripped so tight.
It hurts so much to know,
to know that, not only has someone passed on,
some innocent girl has passed on,
she never had a chance,
a chance to live, love
to dance.
and never again,
never again will I feel those tears on my face,
never again, that grip that held me so close,
and seemed as though, it would never let go.
all those long nights I spent, wrapped up in those arms,
under those blankets,
where she felt safe,
as if those blankets were a sheild,
and I was the only thing that mattered to her,
It's all gone now,
It's all gone.

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