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Big ego
12 18%
Mid size ego
21 31%
Small ego
35 51%
Voters: 68.
depends on the situation.
if im at a music store i have a pretty good size ego but i dont let it overpower me because i know some asshole will just tell me to play some crazy ass six string sweep arpeggio and tap at the same time........yea that is a bitch to even think about
Not really. I mean, I always state that I'm advanced for my time playing, but I don't by any means claim to be the greatest, or even that great at all, and I don't shove being good in other peoples faces. I'm always the first to help out a fellow musician.
I feel like I'm good enough to play with most people I encounter and not totally embarass myself, but I have no delusions of grandeur in regards to my skill level.
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I've always been modest with anything and everything.

Me too. I'm the most modest person in the world.
no, I think I suck because everyone else I know pays for lessons, and doesn't listen to the stuff I like.
Not much I'll say, my teachers always wanted to hear me play, but I usually come up with excuses to not carry my stuff. I still think I'm pretty decent at guitar though.
I'll say I'm confidant in my abilities, but I don't think that makes me better than anyone else I know, just different.

Edit: I just noticed the sig of the person above me and I have to admit that it is actually true. I own them on DVD and have occasionally gotten bored while watching them and started touching myself.
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I love you =] I can't say I was very fond of you when we first started talking because you trolled the hell out of my threads, but after talking to you here I've grown very attached to you.

Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
I don't have an ego and I don't want to have one. The ego monster will corrupt me, and I will become an arrogant and pretentious jackass.


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Holy Moses.
Not really. I'm very self conscious about my playing, and as I progress I'm always comparing myself to musicians that are far more skilled than I.
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I don't have an ego and I don't want to have one. The ego monster will corrupt me, and I will become an arrogant and pretentious jackass.

You don't want to be Malmsteen?
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You don't to be Malmsteen?

He's the ego king that rules us all


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Holy Moses.
Generally very little ego about music.

Except for tapping. I'm a mad bastard at tapping some days.
I KNOW for fact that my technique is ****in' ****ty, and I'm extremely sloppy. There's nothing to be egotistical about.
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Me too. I'm the most modest person in the world.

**** that dude im the most modest person on this mother ****ing site. Im so modest i scare the **** out of myself.
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Like weeds?
I sorta have a big ego because i can never find anyone good to play with in a band so i'm always playing with people who've just started playing their instruments.
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I don't really have an ego at all. I identify what I'm good at, and then single out the things I'm bad at and work on those fields. I don't gloat about anything, and if I hear another person play guitar, I don't think "I'm better than that guy". Everyone learns at a different pace, so some people will be good, some people will be not so good, but you can't put another musician down for learning.
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I'm not all that good, don't want the ego. So I have a pretty small ego, confidence is pretty low too though.
Damn straight, I'm king shit of the Bass. No doubt.
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No, not at all.

The way I see it:
If you had a massive ego, you wouldn't see the need to improve. If you have a small ego, you would.

I like knowing I can shredz and sing.
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