I would like to buy a nylon string guitar thats acoustic-electric in the $300-500 range. I picked these out and would like to know the best one out of these:

Ibanez EW Series EWN28KOENT Cutaway Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Ibanez EW Series EWN28SYENT Cutaway Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Ibanez EW Series EWN28BGENT Cutaway Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

I don't know what wood would give me the bright sound I want so any help would be awesome.
Well I don't wanna burst your bubble or anything, but I don't think I would buy anything but an electric guitar from Ibanez (even then... ehhhh).

I think you should try a different brand, but if you are going to buy one of those, I would say go with the EWN28BGENT.
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Try some Cordoba's, they're great from my experience.
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They have nothing but great reviews and high scores on Guitar Center and Musiciansfriend.com
Because the people that review them don't know jack **** about good guitars. They're just people that have heard good things from electric guitar ibanez(which they are!). They don't make good acoustics, especially classicals.

I'd look at some Cordoba's, Yamaha(CG111C, C40), Alhambra 5P could be in your budget. I know for a fact that Alvarez makes classical guitars and they make good steel strings and I know that Takemine does too, and they're also reliable makers.

so go to guitar centre and try some of those. Steer clear of the Fenders as well.
How are these?

Yamaha APX5NA Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Alvarez Artist Series AC60SC Classical Acoustic-Electric Cutaway
Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Classical Guitar
Relax man, no need to bump, I do my best to get to these threads and there are lots of other users that answer them too. I'm gonna ask you a few questions:

Do you gig often? Do you plan to gig with these guitars?

Are you going to be playing strict classical guitar or are you looking for the sound of nylon rather than the actual classical guitar technique, repertoire etc etc?

What sort of music are you going to play if it's not classical?

The Yamaha has a spruce top,(doesn't even mention if it's solid or not) rather than cedar. You'll be looking at cedar in classical guitars if you want a bright tone. Also, don't assume that yamaha's electronics will suck. Yamaha makes good everything.

You have to realize that about 70 bucks go into electronics. So if you're buying a cheaper guitar, in the total price, less money actually goes into the guitar because of the electronics. So is it worth it to get electronics if you aren't going to use them? The cordoba is also solid cedar but it's 100 cheaper.

I can't tell you much about electronics in classicals myself because most people don't know how to EQ them properly and it reminds me of the sound of a pingpong ball bouncing off a table. I hate that sound and a mic to the soundhole sounds much better. It's your choice though, I'm just giving you my opinion now.

Well to answer your questions. I might gig a little in college to get some cash or just to entertain people but mainly its for self enjoyment. I want to learn and develop a classical guitar playing style with a nylon string but I will also be getting a normal acoustic-electric for a picking style. I'll be playing classical pieces on this guitar as well as folk and celtic pieces. Also I will be using this guitar to learn particular ballad and acoustic songs I enjoy such as Metallica and Testament ballads and acoustic bits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I looked at a few models at a GC today and I played a Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Classical Guitar which I personal felt was a cheap guitar sonically and construction wise. I have narrowed it down to either an Alvarez Artist Series AC60SC, or a Takamine EG128SC G Series. which are still in my price range but now I'm not to sure about that because I might be spending more on my replacement amp.
Ok I looked at both the Takamine and Alvarez and I think I am going to get the Alvarez, but If anyone has another suggestion in this price range I would appreciate it.