hey, i got a MIM strat SSS for 300$ used last week. it sounds great, but the pickups could use a change. i know that SSS isnt the best thing for metal, but it can do well, and the reason ig et it is because i was on a budget of 300 and nothing came close to as good. so i was thinking of the GFS lil killer bridge. costs 25$ and sounds pretty damn good. any suggestions please? thanks
well GFS are supposed to be good, but i have a simple question:

what amp are you using?

If you have the right amp, by all means get some kind of single coil sized humbucker for your strat. but if you have something cheap, i'd get a new amp first otherwise new pickups aren't really going to make much difference, except maybe remove some background hum.

Also, nicely done for going with the guitar you liked best; most people would say "eww no you can't use a fender for metal", but thats not true - thats like saying "you can only use gibsons for punk" (gibson actually had an article posted in the 'news' on this site a few months back which said that!)
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haha yeah thanks but im also getting a new amp, probably the Vox ad30vt or the vox ad30vt xl im still deciding against the normal or the metal
get yourself a new pickguard (~$25) then enjoy putting any humbucker you want in there
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get yourself a new pickguard (~$25) then enjoy putting any humbucker you want in there

I can just do that?
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I can just do that?


providing the the guitar is routed for a HSH or HSS setup (which most strats are...even if its only got single coils...they've got the same machine making the bodies)

and you also might want to change the potentiometers to 500kohm ones (with singlecoils guitars you usually use 250kohm ones for a more mellow sound)
hmm sounds cool but i dunno if its routed for hss or not would i need to cut out of the guitar to put in a humbucker?
hmm ok ill try and do that 2morrow haha to late for me to be ****in around with my guitar. but for some pickups, id like to keep it pretty cheap, all though i can save up. I was thinking like a lil killer pickup in the bridge, i play a lot of rock/metal although i play bridge 80% of the time, do you think i should replace the other 2
Well, you shouldn't change the other 2. Keeping the same also keeps the versitality of hte guitar, so there's no real point.

And maybe you could try some Lace Sensor Reds, I hear they have some humbucking ones.

EDIT: It might cost more than the one that you were gonna get, (I forgot the name ) but I guess it will be a lot better sounding.
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+1 on seljer.

but also, amp is really important. so make sure that's squared away.

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