Poll: Do you play bass in a band?
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View poll results: Do you play bass in a band?
26 57%
20 43%
Voters: 46.
If you said no and want to, PM me. Especially if you live in Wellington, New Zealand!
I'm in Hamilton sorry.

Talk to Solid Moose, he's in Wellington.


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I'm in Hamilton sorry.

Talk to Solid Moose, he's in Wellington.

thanks man!!
Hey, some knows my name!
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i sorta do, i'm in a band but i havent been able to practice with the band yet coz when the guitarist booked a practice room he forgot i was on holiday in italy
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Me too!
We should start a support group.
Clever, but still wrong forum. This goes in musician ads.
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Regardless, its nice to see some New Zealanders using their initiative and seeking out quality bass players on a forum
The prog kid from way down under of the Bass Militia, PM Nutter_101 to join

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Good idea for thread, bad idea asking for people to join your band. And yes. 2.
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no and this belongs in the musicians ads forum
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what do you mean "play bass" ? ? ?

Bass is not a real instrument