Hey guys, this is my first lyric post here, i hope you like it. It's my favourite so far of what i've written. I sent it in to a prestigious Australian magazine and they rejected me I've never studied poetry or writing before, and the lyrics go over a form of a twelve bar blues. Enjoy

The Ego of Man (Whatever makes you happy)

I drift across the desert
I stepped down from the sky
I will give you life
I will watch you die
Selfish motivations
To reap a great reward
Can be professed as holy work
In service to the lord
A safety mechanism
A shelter from the storm
When will you people learn
I’m just here to keep you warm

I came down from the mountains
I walked across the sea
These lies they will appease you
But the truth will set you free
For it is I who lets you kill
Who lets you out your cage
Reverting back to primitive
In this civilised age
Kneel down before
My outstretched mighty hand
But know that all I represent
Is the ego of man

I am but a puppet
Across this tiny stage
This book it is completely filthy
Page after page
A narcissistic being
Needs a reason just to be
A moron with a cross and gun
Convinced he’s not a flea
In times of luck and fortune
Tis the lord’s hand they all praise
But in times of death and trouble
It’s the people and their wicked ways

Born in the chaos
of your evolved mind
I am just a flight of fancy
To satisfy you and your kind
Fear has always been my game
It’s always served me well
They built all of my monuments
Upon the fiery fear of hell
As you walk through the shadow in the valley of death
I’ll strip you till there’s nothing left
When bones are charred and hope is gone
You’ll see I was in you all along
I did not get my Spaghetti-O's, I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this.
Executed by injection, Oklahoma.
~~ Thomas J. Grasso, d. March 20, 1995.


Fires Burning