is there a difference between chicken picking and hybrid picking?
does it depend on what genre you play?
e.g chicken picking if you play country style licks and hybrid when you play rock/metal?
or is it just the same?

I love how noone has replied to this. I think everyone regards this as a shred only Q&A forum.
In answer to your question Hybrid picking is obviously 'hybrid' picking, with both plectrum and fingers. Chicken picking is country style finger playing, country players use it to get that staccatoed 'twang' sound.
No body replied to this, as if you noticed, UG isn't always super active. Most of the people in the US were asleep. Besides, only 3 hours passed. Also, if we saw it as a shred only forum, we wouldn't have threads on:
Scales (theory)
Pinch Harmonics (not really shred)
Metal Rhythms (again, not shred)
Theory Books (theory)
Chord Recognition (ear training)
Breakdowns (not shred)
Inverted Chords (theory)

And that's only the first page.

Hybrid picking and chicken picking are often used as synonyms, however Chicken picking can also refer to specific techniques used as mentioned to create a twangy sound.

And S-G man. Regarding the shred only Q&A forum. Do you think that you can't shred with Hybrid picking? There's stuff you can play with it that pretty much can't be played otherwise, and could easily be considered "shred" (hate that term).
Hybrid picking is using a combination of the pick and fingers to play. Chicken picking, as far as I know, is a fingerstyle technique where you play the string in the way you'd "pop" on bass.
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