well i just got-

crate gx412rx for 90 bucks

randal rg100ht for freezies

Esp LTD ec-50 for 130(free case)

anybody have any great ideas that would make anything better without spending any money?

and for effects pedals-

i just want something to bring my rig(and my bands performance)to life

do you guys know of any pedals i should get for my pop punk band?
we cover blink 182 and all time low if that gives you any idea
(im content with the distortion on my amp so i dont need any distortion pedals)
ebay is good for cheap stuff. some money is required, but u can get stuff way cheap.

i dont think blink used much effects. they kept things pretty simple (tho tom did experiment with more sounds towards the end).

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Maybe a Delay / Reverb / Chorus / Tremolo / Phase / Flange ?
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i use a hint of reverb from my amp, would an EQ bring my sound more flavor?
my amp has a 3 band EQ, but in my opinion, it doesnt shape all that greatly

and what does a chorus pedal do?
could you give me a modern pop punk song were it is used?
Just a simple delay pedal and flanger.I think these are the only effects blink used.
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