So I'm looking for new pickups, and I'm interested in both the Dimarzio D activators and the EMG 81s.

My only problem is the installation of the EMGs, because from what I've heard it is a pain.

The d activators, on the other hand, say that they have active sound while still being passive, eliminating the need for me to modify my guitar upon installation.

So has anyone used the d activators? How would you rank their sound (I play metal/ hardcore stuff the most)

Are the EMGs worth the difficult install?

D Activators

off-topic but pickups wont do much to alter sound, might wanna look into pedals / amp

and i'd go for the emgs, the d activators dont look/sound too promising and most likely sound clinical if you know what i mean
Just my opinion, but the EMGs sound extremely stale and bland. The d'activators have such a powerful attack that's clean through brutal amounts of distortion.

Go for the d'activators.
Well I just got a new amp (Ibanez toneblaster x 30w, small but sounds great)

I'm considering a pedal, but I'm not sure.

The main reason I want to replace the pickups is to get better sounding pinch harmonics and a nicer crunch...right now I'm just using the low end pickups that came with my guitar.
I'd say the D-Activators, you'll get a more distinctive tone, AND less fuss to set-up than EMG's.

You get loads of Guitars that come with Active EMG's, but a handful that come with D-Activators.