I have ordered some pickup bobbin material and it should be here soon. I am planning on making a set of my own Noiseless pickups. I know that they are a stacked pickup (one on top of the other). Although im not sure what slugs to use and where to get them from, maybe stew mac? Secondly what magnets do I use.

Can someone please find or draw up a diagram or even take a photo of your Noiseless pickups without the wire. And what magnets etc. is in the pickups?

Thanks Heaps,

(P.S I know I have been asking a lot of questions about winding pickups, but im sure everyone that wound their first pickups asked this amount of questions too. I have a set of cheap pickups that I will rewire first and have a go at it before I make my Noiseless Pickups. But if anyone can get me a diagram it will be very appreciated!)
^I never knew about that patent search. It has loads of great stuff. Seymour duncan hot rails, lace sensors etc.