Is it possible to hook up both a 16ohm cab and an 8ohm cab to my tiny terror?

it has 1 16ohm out and 2 8ohm outs...is it as simple as just matching up the respective ohms?
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your options are:
  • one 8ohm cab on either of the 8ohm outputs
  • one 16ohm cab on the 16ohm output
  • two 16ohm cabinets one both of the 8ohm outputs (as they're wired in parallel so together they work out to be 8ohms)

anything else may result in bad things to your output transformer and/or power tubes
If you plugged both cabs into the two 8 ohm outputs it'll be ok. There will be a slight mismatch which means your amp won't perform as well and the 8 ohm speaker is going to be louder than the 16 ohm but it won't damage your amp.
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What is the speaker configuration in the two cabs? You might be able to rewire them so that they are both 8 or 16 ohms.