Anybody ever have a pen friend? I am guessing most people here are past that era.

For those who don't know what a pen friend is, it is a person who lives far away (in another state or country) that you send letters backwards and forwards to. Obviously such practices have become obsolete with the internet, as now anybody can just add someone else to MSN and away they go.

This got me thinking... imagine if we organized UG pen friends! Obviously sharing addresses online is potentially dangerous, but something could be worked out. Everybody could be put with a buddy, who they could write letters to, then scan the letters and post them here, etc.

Or we could just organize UG E-pen friends. It could be fun.

No i dont but, it whould be cool in a way tho
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I had a pen friend some years ago, but we talked with e-mail and not lettrers. For some reason she never wanted to use MSN or any kind of chat. We just sent each other long e-mails once a day.
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i was forced to have one by my french teacher and so obviously they never spoke good english, in fact i remember one statement was 'i loves to eat the chocolates' kinda reminds me of skwisgaar.
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i had one many a year ago. we did old skool snail mail letters, it was pretty exciting when i got home to a letter.
Pen friends were cool at a time. Just by looking at the handwriting of someone else on another country gives it a very different feeling than what you get by e-mailing/chatting.
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i had a french one once,was pretty crap though
Like the idea of a UG pen friend lol,maybe you could start a group and see how many sign up?
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I've got two - both used to friends but moved away (one to Scotland, the other to Germany), I stopped e-mailing them about a year ago though, just couldn't be arsed.
I have a few friends that are in the pen.
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I had a pen friend, she was a fountain pen.

She left me for an ink well.

The inkwell could fulfil her better than I could.

..I'll get my coat.