wow...they are beautiful!!!
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Yes, I really like their pedals. All their stuff is very expensive lol. I really like the Dragon one.
the price for monson guitars is always different because if click on a guiar it tells a better description about about what it will cost to make because you can change everything about it from paint to pickups to thickness of neck and all that .

here is the link to the base prices of everything
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Me Likey!

I wouldn't say that was really unique, looks like a souped up Telecaster.
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Dear Lord, those are ugly.

exactly. Nomination of crappiest design 2008!
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You all really didn't liked iT?

Nah, they don't look elegant at all. In fact, I've seen beared ladies more elegant.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
I don't think they are suppose to look elegant, personaly I love the designs except for the headstocks.
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go to www.monsonguitars.com
those are amazing

I think I just vomited a little in my mouth...
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So ... What Guitars are looks the best?
I would like to hear
i came at the thought of so many god damn guitars.
how much does it usually run to make your own?
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