Hey guys,

In a while i'm going to be getting a standard MIM strat, maybe HSS (Is it worth it to try get this? i want to be able to pull off some muse, but mainly john mayer style) , so i need to get an amp. I play acoustic and am making the switch so i need some advice. My price range is around 250 bucks. These are two amps that i've been looking at:

Zoom Fire 30 (Got lots of effects, a buzz problem that can be cured by grounding it, but not sure about reliabiltiy)

Roland Cube 30 ( The safe option, but i'd be tempted to go get some pedals or something which could end up costing quite a bit)

I am new to electric so i want a large amount of effects to mess around with. Are there any other amps that i should be considering? What are those two amps like? It's mainly going to be used in my bedroom and perhaps small gigs. Any comments appreciated,

Cort AD-850 NS
MIM Strat
Cube 30x